Indonesia in the news

Considering Indonesia is about as far away from the United States as a country can be, Americans know (understandably) little about the country. However, as the world and its politics are changing rapidly with technology and social media, so too Indonesia is ever-evolving in fascinating ways.

On this page, I will do my best to add articles I find about Indonesia.*


May 10 (Former governor of Jakarta, Ahok, sentenced to jail for two years for blasphemy):

**May 6 (on the implications of Ahok’s loss):

May 3 (World Press Day in Indonesia):

April 17 (the potential uses of komodo dragon blood):

**April 7 (Former First Lady supports moderate Islam and women’s’ rights):

March 3 (Saudi Arabia’s king visits Bali):

February 26 (all about Indonesian coffee!!):

**February 6 (Do teachers promote tolerance in Indonesia?):

February 6 (Regarding Indonesian economic growth in the past year):

January 26 (my city!! A bit about Malang’s culture and past traditions):

Jan 18 (Mark Zuckerberg plans to address “fake news” in Indonesia):


Dec 31 (new Trump resorts in Indonesia raising questions over conflicts of interest and the future Trump administration’s relationship with Indonesia):

Dec 22 (the social media phenomenon that has spread across the world!):

Dec 20 (an interesting punishment for tourists on the “party” island of Gili T):

Dec 7 (deadly earthquake off the coast of Sumatra): and

(related to protests and Governor Ahok trial):

**Dec 3 (how Indonesia’s precious environment and resources intersect in complicated and problematic ways with public and private interests internationally):

Dec 2 (a description of a lifestyle so different from my own on Java- this article helps illustrate the vast diversity of life in Indonesia):

**November 25 (an opinion piece about the role of teachers in Indonesia’s education system):

November 16 (related to protests and the Governor Ahok trial): 

November 4 (related to protests and the Governor Ahok trial): 

September 25:

*Please note: my attempt here is not to convey any particular political views, but rather to share resources and information

**I found these articles especially interesting and worth reading