Across the archipelago… ETA blogs and projects

Given Indonesia’s diversity, ETAs have amazing, yet vastly different experiences across the archipelago. Here are the links to the blog sites of my fabulous fellow ETAs:

My sitemate! Shreya (Malang, East Java)

Kelly (Surabaya, East Java)

Krupa (Surabaya, East Java)

Anna (Labuan Bajo, Flores)

Kata (Salatiga, Central Java)

Meilin (Manado, North Sulawesi)

Mackenzie (Kendari, Southeast Sulawesi)

Kate (Kendari, Southeast Sulawesi)

Christal (Kupang City, NTT)

Julianne (Kupang City, NTT)

Sarahann (Bandar Lampung, Sumatra)

A combined effort of ETAs past and present, this site has tons of information about Indonesia and what it’s like to live here for a few months or years:

The latest combined project of the ETAs, unityindiversitystories, this Instagram account is modeled after “Humans of New York,” and showcases the stories of people across Indonesia: